Lend a HAND

One way to get involved with HANDS is to consider a financial donation to ensure that we can provide services and events each year for older adults in Vermont. Even a small donation on your part goes a LONG way to improve the quality of life of the seniors we serve. You may donate online via PayPal. If you would like, we would be happy to list a donation “in honor of” or “in memory of” someone special to you. If you would like to send a check, that would also be fine. Please make it out to HANDS and mail it to 13 St. Louis Street, Burlington VT 05401. Thank you so much!

Arlene Woods Giving Fund

picture of Arlene Woods
Arlene Woods

Burlington resident Arlene Woods turned 90 on October 5. In honor of this very special occasion, HANDS is pleased to announce the “Arlene Woods Giving Fund.” The mission of HANDS is to get food to low-income seniors and Arlene’s been a supporter for many years. “Arlene has given to many people in so many ways over the years and we wanted to honor a remarkable woman,” said Executive Director Megan J. Humphrey.

Arlene has lived in Vermont for 56 years, thinking that it’s special here because of the great opportunities, a good place to bring up children, and the political outlook. She has 5 children, 2 grandchildren, and 8 great grandchildren.

Arlene is an avid artist and was a former member of the Essex Art League and Northern Vermont Artist Association. She’s an avid gardener with her backyard named “The Enchanted Forest”. She loves to harvest and then cook her vegetables. Arlene is a Patriots, Red Sox, and UVM hockey fan and has supported the North Burlington Little League fundraising efforts. She loved to go fishing, camping, and frequented the Swans Of New England casino tours. When asked about turning ninety, Arlene said “I made it!  I didn’t think I’d make it because of all the years with health issues.”

Arlene with her daughters in a car
Arlene with daughters Arlette, Linda, and Donna at Heineberg Senior Center’s 90+ birthday celebration

Arlene believes that helping others is important—she loves people and wants to be kind to those who could use a helping hand. If you would like to donate to the “Arlene Woods Giving Fund” in honor of Arlene and in support of our programs, please donate and select the “Arlene Woods Giving Fund”, or mail a check to HANDS, 13 St. Louis Street, Burlington VT 05401.

Our Gratitude List

HANDS would like to thank the following individuals and businesses for helping us out this year. Thank you! Here’s our “Gratitude List” from January 1 through December 31, 2020:

AALV, especially Alisha Laramee

AARP Vermont, especially Kelly Stoddard-Poor & Laura McDonough

Bonnie Acker & John Davis
Age Well, especially Chris Moldovan, Jordan Anthony, Tracey Shamberger, Jane

             Catton, Lisa Many, Anne Biafore, and all of the other delightful staff

Gail & Ken Albert

Beth Alpert

Karin Ames

Randy & Jane Amis

Emily Anderson

Janica Anderzén
The Arbors at Shelburne, especially Wendy Brodie & staff

Lisa Arnall
Paul Asbell

August First, especially Jodi Whalen

Katarina Bacevicius

Jill Badolato

Julie Baer

Marianne Balczuk

Jeremy & Christine Baldwin
Kate & Scott Baldwin

Janet Ballantyne

David Balukjian

Michale Barber

Barge Canal Market

Alison Barges

Nicolette Baron
Barrio Bakery, especially Leah Daws & Ryan Bunce

Allison Beach

Bonnie Beck
Ben & Jerry’s Community Action Team

Benevity Community Impact

Benida Group, on behalf of the Miller Family

Heather Benjamin

Dennis & Donna Benoit, for Arlene Woods Giving Fund

Diane Bensel
Jen Berger
Meg Berlin
Zoe Bishop

Black River Meats, especially James Curran

Black River Produce, especially James Curran

Ian Blakey

Bob Bolyard

Bombas, especially Jesse Bridges
Carla & Scott Bond

Patricia Bosley
Beth-Ann Bove, in honor of Sue Greissel

Amelia Brogna

Rebekah Bruner

Molly Bucci
Susan Buchanan & Steve Brown

Erin Buckwalter & Mike Shepard
Sarah, Adam, Charlie, & Hazel Buchwald

Paul Bullis

Gigi Bunch

Burlington Board of Finance

Burlington Electric Department
Burlington Parks, Recreation, & Waterfront

Burlington School District
Burlington School Food Project, especially Doug Davis & Mitzy Foy and

             their families
Robin Burnett

Kristin Burns

Debbi Burton

Kortnee Bush & Erik Hoekstra

Whytnee Bush

Patricia Calvagna-Lusk & Franklin Lusk

Kristen Cameron & John Zelig

Lynne Cardozo

Amy Carmola

Sarah Carpenter
Ed Carroll

Mary Claire Carroll

Susan Cartwright, for Arlene Woods Giving Fund

Cathedral Square Corporation

CCTV Town Meeting TV, especially Lauren-Glenn Davitian

Rhiannon Champagne

Beth & Walt Chapman

Stacy Charbonneau

Linda Chartrand
Ann & Alan Charron

Jeanne Chenoweth

Chile Colorado

Chittenden County Correctional Center Residents
Pam Chomsky-Higgins
Heng-Scheng Chuang

Julie Citorik
City Market, especially Caroline Aubry & Mae Quilty

City Market Seedling Grant

Mindy Clawson
Peter Clavelle & Betsy Ferries

Will Clavelle

Karen I. Claxton

Holly Cluse & Charles Reeves
Wendy Coe & Gene Bergman

Lorrie Colburn

Community Economic Development Office, especially Will Clavelle,

Marcella Gange, Brian Lowe, & Luke McGowan

Jeanne Comouche

Mags & Steve Conant

Faye Conte Mack
Shelagh Cooley

Emily Copeland & Pete Land

Heather Corey

Jacqueline Corning

Karen Cote
Ann & Barry Cousins

Janice Couture

Moriah Cowles

Nick Cowles

Dana Cox

Connie & David Craig
Vine Crandall, for Arlene Woods Giving Fund

Liz Curry
Jon Crystal & Beverly Blakeney
Ann & Fred Curran

Bob Davis, in memory of Bob & Charlotte Davis
Doug & Robyn Davis

Julie Davis

Katy Davis

Marie Davis

Lauren-Glenn Davitian & Mark Johnson
Linda Deliduka

Cathy Diamond

Dave DiElsi

Linda Dion, for Arlene Woods Giving Fund

Luke Dion, for Arlene Woods Giving Fund

Linda DiSante
Sue Dodds
Siobhan Donegan & Vince Brennan

Deborah Donovan, in memory of Judith H. Shaw
Dot’s Market, especially Lori Jarvis
Carina Driscoll & Blake Ewoldsen

Peg Dumas

Libby Dunbar

Ella Dunkiel

Kirby Dunn

Shanta Eastman
Efficiency Vermont

Charles Elioseff
Elks Lodge 916 of Burlington, especially Exalted Ruler Beth

         Dusablon & Rosaire Longe

Elks National Foundation

Skye Ellicock
Susan Elliot

Laura Engelken

Everyone Eats

Blake Ewoldsen
Mira Fakirananda

Lisa Falcone

Barbara & Jeffrey Farran, in honor of Robin Merritt

Myra Fassler

Paul Fassler & Ann Lipsitt, in honor of the Pasackow Family

Whitney Feininger
Fiona Cooper Fenwick

Barbara Ferdinand

Kali Ferguson

Bonnie Ferro

Luanne Firlik
Charlie & Erik FitzPatrick
Patricia Fontaine

Megan Foster

Fountain Fund
Mitzy, Ed, Arron, & Keelan Foy, Carolyn Harnois, and Ashley Gaudette

Allison Frazier

Peter Freiermuth
Audrey French & Craig Conover

Suzanne Friedberg

Scott Friedman

Boris & Marybeth Funtow

Gannett Foundation

Jaydenne Garbarino

Angie Gatesy & Gordon Lysle

Sasha & David Gawlik

Carol Geske
Michael Giangreco
Tina & Tim Gibbo
Lisa Gibbons

Catherine Gibson

Eileen Girling

Adam Glaser

Evan Goldsmith

Kitty Goldsmith

Doug Goodman
Melanie Goodman
Nicole Goulette, in honor of Pauline J. Paul

Sallie Gouverneur

Janet Grady

Jess Graham

Justin Graham

Tara Graham
Green Mountain Bee Farm

Kara, Ginny, & Lisa Greenblott

Geoff Greene

David Grist & Andrew Silva
Val & Dieter Gump

Michael Guo
Gaby Gurt & Markus Thali

Ellen Hacker
Henry Hagar

Jeffrey Hagstrom

Lindsey, Josh, & Aila Halman
Leslie & Zach Halperin
Amy Hamlin

Beth Hammond

HANDS Board: Holly Cluse, Jon Crystal, Camweron Segal, Mara Welton, and

         Advisors Gail Moreau, Reeve Lindbergh, Howard Frank Mosher (in

         memoriam), & Tim Palmer
Hannaford, especially John Michaelides, Jeff Robinson, & Brian Fabre

Amanda Hannaford
Happy to Help Caregivers & Seniors, especially Monica Morano
Kristine Harbour
Zoe Hardy

Annie Harlow

Rosemeryl Harple

Deb Hartshorn

Hannah Hauser

Gregory Hayden in honor of Sue Dodds

Healthy Living, especially Nina Lesser-Goldsmith

Carol Heffer

Janice Heilmann

Heineberg Community Senior Center, especially Camielle Aylwin, Kerry

Batres, & Beth Hammond

Theresa Henckel

Gail Henderson-King
Wendy Hess & Michael Monte
Kathy Hibbert
Dan Higgins

Bard Hill

Val Hird

Michelle & Ethan Hobbs

Paul Hobbs

Carla Hochschild, in memory of John Barbour

Hoehl Family Foundation
Doug Hoffer

Barbara Hollingdale

Andrea & Dana Houlihan

Lindsey Huddle
Amie Humphrey Facendola
David & Noelle Humphrey
Megan Humphrey & Terry Hotaling, in memory of Muriel & Richard

             Humphrey and Madlyn & Grover Hotaling

Hunger Free Coalition

Hunger Free Vermont

Kathleen Hurley & John Gallagher
Jess Hyman & Sean Melinn

Marty Illick & Marty Dinnan

Monika Ivancic

Ginny Iverson

Jake’s ONE Market, especially James Kerrigan & Martin Bromirski

Caroline Jalbert

Liz Jaquette

Liz Jarvis

Michelle Jeffery Owens
Amy Jelen
Rachel Jolly & Adam Walker
Ann Joppe-Mercure

Kathi Johnson-Turnbaugh
Sarah Judd & Michael Nedell

Howard Kalfus
Joanne Kalisz

Connie Keedle
Kathy Keenan, in memory of Dr. Ed & Ione Keenan

Jess Kell

Bill Kellner

Katie Kennedy

Lisa Kent
Colby Kervick & Garth Allen

Paul & Windsong Kervick

Sarah Kleinman

Heather Kohser, in memory of Dee Brooks

Nancy Kolok

Sylvia Kopec

Felicia Kornbluh

Madeline Kouten

Doreen Kraft

Pameal Kraynak

Jill Krowinski, in honor of Megan J. Humphrey

Joanne Labonte

Jeannine Lane

Shannon Lane

Kathy Lara & Clem Nilan
Mark & Mariah Larson and Amy Livingston

Jackie Lavalley

Jen Lavoie

Meredith LeCompte
Jim & Clorinda Leddy
Candis & Jamie Leopold

Mark Leopold

Allan Lerner
Roni Lesage

Pamela Levin

Nancy & Mark Levine

Barbara LeWinter

Anne Lezak & Harry Chen

Betty Libson

Reeve Lindbergh & Nat Tripp
Ann Lipsitt

Ann & John Lorrain, for Arlene Woods Giving Fund

Suzanne Lourie

Jonathan & Margaret Lowell

Carol E.S. MacDonald

Connie & Malcolm MacDuffie

Graham & Cayenne MacHarg

Anne MacLeod

Patricia McGovern

Juliet McVicker

Patricia MaComber

Regina Mahony
Jackie Majoros & Bob Kiss
Martie Majoros
Arnie Malina

Kate Maloney

Mary Manghis & Glenn Eames

Barry Mansfield

Aliona Manuae

Sandra Marcotte

Stef Marko

Gail Martin
Mascoma Savings Bank, especially Joy Hastings & Mariah Davis

Joanna May

Pam Masterson

Tracey Maurer, for Arlene Woods Giving Fund

Michael Mazik
Nina & John Mazuzan

Meg McCarthy
Annie McCormick

Kate & Tim McGillicuddy

Veronica Medwid

Bridget Meyer

Barbara Mieder

Annette Miller

Bob Miller

Harvey L. Miller Family Foundation, Harvey & Janice Miller

Mirabelle’s, especially Alison Lane

Emily Mitchell

Jane Mitiguy
Marleen Moore

Monica Morano, Happy to Help Caregivers & Seniors

Erin Moreau
Gail & Tom Moreau

Julie & Ernie Mueller

Ginny Mullen & Tom Hudspeth

Colleen Murphy
Nance Nahmias
Charlie Nardozzi & Wendy Rowe

Pati Naritomi

Christel Nase
Katie & Lou Natale

Liz Neeld

Nicole Nelson & Dwight Ritcher
Chris Neme, Energy Futures Group

Network for Good
Manny Neuzil

New England Grassroots Environment Fund

Lynn Noble
North Avenue News, Cliff & Ellen Cooper

Jenna O’Donnell

Laurie O’Hanlon & Tina Giangrande
Moe O’Hara & Matt Gang

Jennifer Oldham

Opportunities Credit Union

Meghan O’Rourke
Maura O’Sullivan & Joe Speidel

Carla Oviedo

Candace Page & Hamilton Davis

Kate Paine & Bill Atkinson
Ernie Palasits, in memory of Sean Stem & Bob Tiplady

Tim Palmer

Cheryl Park Kupersmith & Michael Kupersmith

Marcia Parker
Shaun Parker

Bryan Parks

David & Holly Pasackow, in honor of Paul Fassler & Ann Lipsitt

Jay Pasackow
Melissa & Mark Pasanen

Michele Patenaude
Karen Paul & Mark Saba

Lorna-Kay Peal

Ann Pearce

Darin Pease
Holly Pedrini
Penny Cluse Café, especially Charles Reeves & Maura O’Sullivan

Matt Perry

Becky Peterson, for Arlene Woods Giving Fund
Bitzi & John Peter Phillips
Steve Pilcher & Deb Gaynor
Gail & Paul Pinault

Pamela Polston

Lance Polya

Steve & Betsy Pond

Barbara Porter

David Powell

Arnita Prentiss
Byrd Prentiss

Andrea Proulx & Peter Sterling

Deborah Provost

Linda Provost

Emily Puccio

Ann Pugh

David Punia & Elaine Eldridge
Susan Raber Bray

Becky Rabin

Nancy Rabinowitz

Amey Radcliffe
Nick Railsback

Red Wagon Plants, especially Julie Rubaud

Sandra Reese

Lynda Reeves McIntyre

Annie Reinhart
Jean Reinsborough

Replicarz, especially Mark Fothergill
Residence at Shelburne Bay “Sewing Club” and “Marilyn’s Beads”,

           especially Ann Cousins

Marty & Anne Marie Resnik

Gloria & David Reynolds

Nancy Reynolds

Kristin Richland, for the Arlene Woods Giving Fund

Richmond Food Shelf & Thrift Store

Kari Roberts-Sanchez

Helen Rock & Family

Jodi Rodriguez

Jocelyn Rogers
Maggie Rogers
Helene Rondeau
Sarah Rosedahl & Leisa Fearing

Rotary Club of Burlington, especially Scott Baldwin & Jack Lindley
Jan & Mary Jane Rozendaal

Ruach HaMaqom

Jess Rubin

Carol Rubman

Larry Rudiger
T Rugg’s Tavern, especially Tom Rugg

Faith Rushford

Justin Ryea

Barbara Saldiveri

Elna Samuelson

Pamela Sapiente

Luanne Sberna & David Berezniak

Pam Scanlon

Lisa Schamberg & Pat Robins

Fred Schmidt & Family

Cameron Segal & Emily Mitchell

Lisa Segal

Mark Segal

Kate Seitz

Senior Providers Network
Gail & Tom Shampnois

Barbara Shatara

Kayla Shea

Karen Shehadi Frost, for Arlene Woods Giving Fund

Shelburne Market, especially Paul Quirini

Maggie Sherman

Marc Sherman & Jane Conolly

ShiftMeals, especially Brittany Sperber

David Shiman & Elise Guyette

Lily Sickles

Lynda Siegel

Beth Sightler

Carol Sleasar

Nancy Slott

Gibson Smith

Rachel Smith

Nina Smolyar
Mark & Linda Snelling

Sharon Snow

Jeff Solomon & Linda Retchin

Nancy Somers

Robin Soutierre

Laura Spencer

Erica Spiegel

Chris Staats

Evan Stein
Lisa Steele

Judy & Will Stevens

Emilie Stigliani

Fran Stoddard

Strategic Risk Solutions, especially Melanie Black

Meta Strick

Nancy Sugarman

Anne Sullivan

Sandra Sundarabhaya, for Arlene Woods Giving Fund

Robert Summers

Andy Suntup

Peter Sutherland
Kathleen & Rob Swanson

Randy Sweeny
Sweet Basil Cards

Peter Swift

Alicia & Todd Taylor
Kathie L. Taylor

Tess Taylor

Susan Teare
Temple Sinai Meal Delivery Crew

George Thabault & Candelin Wahl, in memory of Florence C. Thabault

Thayer House Resident Fund

Jack Thurston

Titus Insurance, especially Annette Hannah
Terrell Titus

Andrea Todd

Nancy Tomczak, for Arlene Woods Giving Fund

Penne Tompkins & Michael Mittag
Kim Torrey

Pat Torrey

Max Tracy

Anne Treadwell

Andrea Trombley
Matt Tucker, Small Systems Consulting

Twincraft, especially Michele Asch & Wendy Adams

United Way of Northwestern Vermont, especially Megan Bridges &

Amy Carmola

Wendy Valastro

Kathy Valloch

Sheramy Vandernat
Vantage Press, especially Randall & Maxx

Val Vass

Karen Vastine
Vermont Energy Investment Corporation

Village Wine & Coffee, especially Kevin Clayton
Destenie Vital

Caitlin Waddick

Emily Wadhams

Jenny Wagner

Joan Wagner & David Boyle

Charlene Wallace
Gavin Wallace
Marilyn & Lee Wallace

Jennifer Wallace-Brodeur
Claudia Walsh

Joan Watson & Stu McGowan
Kristen & David Watson

Casey Webster

Deborah Weinberg

Stephanie Weiss

Stuart Weiss

Farmer Sue Wells

Mara & Spencer Welton
Jodi Whalen & Phil Merrick

Jenny Wheel & Chris Magistrale

Kyle Wheel

Betsy White

Martha Whitney & J Ladd
Michael & Nicole Willard

Stan & Jean Willard

Paula Willoquet-Maricondi

Jess Wilson

Jym Wilson

Trine Wilson
Arlene Woods, for Arlene Woods Giving Fund

Arlette Woods & David Fischer, for Arlene Woods Giving Fund

Kirk Woods, for Arlene Woods Giving Fund

Mark & Lee Woods for Arlene Woods Giving Fund

Robyn Woodworth

Bethany Wolfe

Jean Wolfe
Kath Wolfe & Andrew Pinault

Leeann Wright

Orly Yadin

Ali Zipparo

Tara Zirk

If we neglected to mention someone, please forgive us. We appreciate everything that you’ve done and apologize for the oversight. And please let us know so that we can add your name to the list

As always, very special thanks to Terry T. Hotaling for helping Megan Humphrey during the wildly busy holiday season with his patience, schlepping, and living with boxes all over the house.

Our Board of Directors

Holly Cluse, President

Jon Crystal, Treasurer

Reeve Lindbergh, Advisory Council

Gail Moreau, Consultant

Tim Palmer, Consultant

Cameron Segal, Board Member

Mara Welton, Secretary

Howard Frank Mosher, In Memoriam

Megan J. Humphrey, Founder & Executive Director