Summer’s Winding Down

My favorite month is August. I love the heat, swimming in the lake, beach picnics, and toes in the sand. I’ve always wished that it could last longer.

But, here we are at the end of the summer. We’ve been fortunate enough to have some in-person workshops for both “HANDS in the Dirt” and “HANDS in the Kitchen”, while keeping our eye on COVID. Gardening expert Charlie Nardozzi shared his advice at both Heineberg Community Senior Center and CORE Adult Center. Chef Robin did a workshop at Whitcomb Woods and hopes to be back there soon. Otherwise, they each created wonderful online presentations throughout the year—those can be found right here on our website.

Vermont Community Garden Network is offering workshops at the CORE Adult Center on September 8, September 22, and October 6.

Red Wagon Plants donated lots of gorgeous veggies this spring so that many of our garden sites could grow some food…even if they couldn’t have us there in-person. Gardens needed extra watering this summer, but they look great.

Age Well, Burlington Parks Recreation & Waterfront, and Heineberg Community Senior Center pooled resources to purchase a 12-passenger and 2-wheelchair capacity van. That will help tremendously so that seniors can both shop for groceries as well as take some fun trips.

Suddenly, we’ll be gearing up again for our Holiday Dinner. We delivered 1,000 meals and giftbags last year and expect a similar number again. You’ll be able to lend a hand in many different ways so please stay tuned!

Very special thanks to AARP Vermont, Age Well, City Market, Gardeners Supply, Hannaford, Red Wagon Plants, and Vermont Community Garden Network for their support as well as all of you who have donated money to keep our programs going. Thank you and enjoy the rest of August!

Charlie at CORE Adult Center