Events in 2018

“HANDS in the Kitchen” Nutrition Education Workshops
Weekly, Thursdays at 9:30am, February 1 – March 8
Heineberg Senior Community Center, 14 Heineberg Road in Burlington

In partnership with Chef Robin Burnett and Heineberg Senior Community, HANDS is presenting “HANDS in the Kitchen” workshops that will cover: shopping on a budget, cooking with herbs, one-pot meals, and food through the decades with a healthy twist among other topics. Healthy snacks will be provided. Workshops are free and people can attend one or all of the series. For more info, please call Heineberg Senior Community Center at 863-3982.

6th Annual “A Show of HANDS”
Penny Cluse Café, Cherry Street, Burlington
March 1-March 29 Silent Auction on Thursday, March 29, from 6:00-8:00pm

About 100 adorned hands will hang at Penny Cluse Café in March, culminating with a Silent Auction on Thursday, March 29 from 6:00-8:00pm. Please stop by and place a bid so that we can continue to get food to low-income seniors in Chittenden County. Thank you!

Events in 2017

13th Annual Holiday Dinner
Monday, December 25

In partnership with Age Well, Burlington School Food Project, Michelle Charron, Elks Club, and Temple Sinai among so many other people, businesses, and organizations, we presented our FREE 13th Annual Holiday Dinner. We delivered hot meals all over Chittenden County and helped serve more meals at the Elks Club. A total of 500 seniors received meals and giftbags! Thank you to everyone who decided to lend a hand.

Happy New Year and stay tuned for more gardening and nutrition education programs in 2018!

HANDS would like to thank the following individuals and businesses for helping to provide the holiday spirit for so many others! Here’s our “Gratitude List” as of December 29, 2017:

Bonnie Acker * Benjy Adler & Jaime Williams * Age Well, especially Chris Moldovan and all of the delightful staff who takes meal reservations * Anonymous * Anonymous, in honor of Megan J. Humphrey * The Arbors at Shelburne, especially Wendy Brodie * Celia & Paul Asbell * Tammy & Bob Avonda * Elizabeth Badolato * Jill Badolato & her elves * Kate Baldwin * Janet Ballantyne * Barrio Bakery * Tara Bartlik * Allison Beach * Melodie Bean * Ben & Jerry’s Foundation * Jen Berger * Meg Berlin * Birchwood Nursing Center * Zoe Bishop * Carla & Scott Bond * Bove’s of Vermont, especially Mark Bove * Beth-Ann Bove * Susan Buchanan * Sarah, Adam, Charlie, & Hazel Buchwald and Judith Eisenberg * James Buck * Burlington Electric Department * Burlington Health & Rehab * Burlington Parks, Recreation, & Waterfront *Burlington School District * Burlington School Food Project, especially Doug Davis & Mitzy Foy and their families * Robin Burnett * Whytnee Bush * Deb Cahill * Nick Carr & Colleen Stem * In memory of Lucille Carroll * Laurie Caswell-Burke * Cathedral Square Corporation * Dave Chafetz, Temple Sinai * Champlain Chocolates * Beth & Walt Chapman * Ann & Alan Charron * Michelle Charron * Chattering Hens: Kenneth & Shelly Letourneau, Doris Shortsleeve, Pebbles Shortsleeve, Cindy Gordon, Linda Aldrich, Debora Lamphere, Rita Benedict, & Mitzy Foy * Pam Chomsky-Higgins * Heng-Scheng Chuang * Brian Cirelli, in the name of the DeSorgher Family * City Market, especially Allison Hope and Alex Hubbard * Peter Clavelle & Betsy Ferries * Clip Snip ‘n Dye, especially Laura Spencer * In honor of Holly Cluse * Holly Cluse & Charles Reeves * Blaine Coakley * Wendy Coe & Gene Bergman * Margaret Coleman * Mags Conant * Shelagh Cooley * Lakshmi Courcy * Ann & Barry Cousins * Vine Crandall * Jon Crystal & Beverly Blakeney * Ann & Fred Curran, in honor of Megan J. Humphrey * Doug & Robyn Davis * Denny DeCoff * Linda Deliduka * Craig Deslaurier * Mike & Bethany Dever * Digger’s Mirth, especially Hilary Martin * Sue Dodds * Siobhan Donegan & Vince Brennan * Dot’s Market, especially Lori Jarvis * Carina Driscoll and Tess & Blake Ewoldsen * Efficiency Vermont * Elks Lodge of Burlington * Susan Elliot * Mira Fakirananda * Fiona Fenwick * Charlie & Erik Fitzpatrick * Patricia Fontaine * Julie Foster & Will Thompson * Mitzy, Ed, Arron, & Keelan Foy, Ashley Gaudette, and Carolyn Harnois * Tina Freeman & Rob Healy * Audrey French & Craig Conover * Michael Giangreco * Tina & Tim Gibbo * Lisa Gibbons * Melanie Goodman * Cindy Gordon * Nicole Goulette, in memory of Pauline J. Paul * Andrea Grayson, in honor of Megan J. Humphrey * Green Mountain Bee Farm * Green Mountain Coffee Roasters * Val & Dieter Gump * Gaby Gurt & Markus Thali * Henry Hagar * Laura Hale * Lindsey, Josh, & Aila Halman * Leslie & Zach Halperin and Brian, Isaac, & Ella Dunkiel * Amy Hamlin * Erin Hanley & David Weinstein * Hannaford * Happy to Help Caregivers & Seniors, especially Monica Morano * Kristine Harbour * Zoe Hardy, in honor of Megan J. Humphrey and in memory of Martha * Harrington’s of Vermont, especially Cheryl * Janice Heilmann * Theresa Henckel * Wendy Hess & Michael Monte * Kathy Hibbert * Dan Higgins * Carla Hochschild * Erik Hoekstra * Doug Hoffer * Christy Hotaling & Dave Berg * Jennifer Howard, by request of Kath Wolfe & Andrew Pinault * Chris Howell * Lisa M. Hughes * Amie Humphrey Facendola * David & Noelle Humphrey * Megan Humphrey & Terry Hotaling, in memory of Muriel & Richard Humphrey and Madlyn & Grover Hotaling * Maureen Humphrey * Jim Huntington * Jess Hyman & Sean Melinn * Integrated Arts Academy, especially Amanda Major & Judy Klima * Amy Jelen * Jo-Ann Fabrics * Mark Johnson & Lauren-Glenn Davitian * Amy Johnston * Rachel Jolly & Adam Walker * Ann Joppe-Mercure * Tom & Sarah Joslin, in memory of Grace & Wyman Smith and Allyn B. White * Joanne Kalisz * In memory of Dr. Ed & Ione Keenan * Colby Kervick & Garth Allen * Klinger’s Bread Company * Jennie Kristel * Janice Lara & Ken Russack * Mark & Mariah Larson and Amy Livingston * Staci & Seth Lasker * Christina Lauterbach & Luke Purvis * Ann Leddy Charron * Jim & Clorinda Leddy * Candis & Jamie Leopold * Roni Lesage * Bess Levison & Karl Lukhaup * Ann Lipsitt * Wendy Livingston * Maurice Mahoney & Tony * Jackie Majoros & Bob Kiss * Martie Majoros * Arnie Malina * Yvette Mason * Shelly Masson * Nina & John Mazuzan * Annie McCormick * Suzie McCoy * Stephen Mease * Art Mitchell * Marleen Moore * Gail & Tom Moreau * Helen Murdock * Nance Nahmias * Charlie Nardozzi * Katie & Lou Natale * Melissa Nelson * Chris Neme, Energy Futures Group * Manny Neuzil * North Avenue News * Moe O’Hara & Matt Gang * Bill Orleans * Maura O’Sullivan & Joe Speidel * Ernie Palasits, in memory of Sean Stem * Tim Palmer * Shaun Parker * Melissa Pasanen * Karen Paul & Mark Saba * Holly Pedrini * Penny Cluse Café * Bitzi Phillips * Steve Pilcher * Gail & Paul Pinault * Jon Pinault * Steve & Betsy Pond * Byrd Prentiss * Jenna Pugliese * Quick Cab * Susan Raber Bray * Nick Railsback * Lynne Reed * Jean Reinsborough * Residence at Shelburne Bay “Sewing Club” and “Marilyn’s Beads”, especially Ann Cousins * Joan Robinson & Suzi Wizowaty * Loretta Roby * Rafaela Rodriguez * Maggie Rogers * Margaret Roland * Helene Rondeau * Sarah Rosedahl * T Rugg’s Tavern, especially Marnie, Tom, Shannon, Kevin, Andy, & Turk * Tom Rugg * Susi Ryan * Claire Samuel * Seventh Generation, especially Chris Lyon * Gail & Tom Shampnois * Shelburne Orchards, especially Nick Cowles * Shelburne Supermarket, especially Paul * Gwen Shervington * Tisha Shull * Sleeping Well/Z Quiet, per request of Ki McClennan * Mark & Linda Snelling * St. John’s Club * Starr Farm Nursing Center staff, especially Darcy Froeter * Lisa Steele * Trice Stratmann * Kathleen & Rob Swanson * Sweet Basil Cards * Kristina Sweet * Peter Swift * Léna Szumowski Kathie Taylor * Todd & Alicia Taylor * Temple Sinai Meal Delivery Crew * Terra Madre donors * Terrell Titus * Fran Tobin * Kim Torrey * Becky Trudeau * Matt Tucker, Small Systems Consulting * Vantage Press, especially Sean, Melodie, Staci, & Bob * Vermont Community Garden Network * Vermont Cranberry Company * Vermont Energy Investment Corporation * Paula Willoquet-Maricondi * Village Wine & Coffee, especially Kevin Clayton * Jenny Wagner * Gavin Wallace * Marilyn & Lee Wallace * Joan Watson & Stu McGowan * Casey Webster * Joyce Weicht * Ren Weiner * Mara & Spencer Welton * White & Burke Real Estate Investment * Michael & Nicole Willard * Jym Wilson * Kath Wolfe & Andrew Pinault * Enid Wonnacott * John Zelig & Kristen Cameron * Terry Zigmund * Ali Zipparo * Tali, Roni, & Galina Zuckerman

If we neglected to mention someone, please forgive us. We appreciate everything that you’ve done and apologize for the oversight. And please let us know so that we can add your name to the list!

As always, very special thanks to Terry T. Hotaling for helping Megan Humphrey during the wildly busy holiday season with his patience, schlepping, and living with boxes all over the house.

Holly Cluse, President

Jon Crystal, Treasurer

Reeve Lindbergh, Advisory Council

Gail Moreau, Consultant

Tim Palmer, Consultant

Howard Frank Mosher, In Memoriam

Megan J. Humphrey, Founder & Executive Director


Grandma Mapes with the hand she created for the show and auction

5th Annual “A Show of HANDS” Silent Auction
Thursday, March 30, 2017
About 100 decorated wooden hands adorned the walls during March. On the 30th, we held a Silent Auction. Proceeds directly benefit our HANDS programs. We had light appetizers, a cash bar, and much laughter. Special thanks to all of the artists who donated their work; Matt Gang for cutting out the hands;, Shelburne Orchards, and Peter Swift for this year’s sponsorship; Penny Cluse Café and the staff there; our amazing volunteers; this year’s MC Carla Bond; and board members Carla Bond, Holly Cluse, and Jon Crystal. ****Special Announcement: Vermont artist Warren Kimble donated a gorgeous hand so we had a live auction at on that hand only. Thank you, Warren!*** If you’d like to see all of the hands in this year’s show, please go to Thank you and hope to see you next year!

Warren Kimble “Vermont Farm”

Please check out the “Stuck in Vermont” episode by Eva Sollberger and James Buck of Seven Days that showcased the 2016 Holiday Dinner.

“HANDS in the Dirt”
Created by videographer Sam Mayfield
Please watch the full movie below (Thanks to samayfield!):


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